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Zamp Z-20 Series Helmet Shields (SA2020 or FIA)

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Our Zamp Z-20 series helmet shields are available in a wide variety of options, including prism colors, anti-fog, and our new photochromatic shields that automatically transition from clear to tint in sunlight. We also offer DIRT specific shields designed to keep dirt and debris from entering through the top of the shield and an array of FIA certified shields in the Z-20 series. 

Fits Zamp Models; RZ-36 (all versions), RZ-56 (all versions), RZ-59, RZ-60, RZ-62 (all versions), RZ-70E, RZ-64C, RZ-65D

Exclusively from Zamp... Photochromatic Shields
Go from bright to dark racing conditions without having to change shields!
The new Z-20 Photochromatic Shield smoothly transitions from clear to dark smoke or red, blue or gold prism (or vice versa) depending on the brightness of the track, without having to change the shield!
One shield works for Night or Day!!

Our Anti-fog shields greatly reduce fog and improve visibility. 

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