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Simpson Hybrid Sport | FHR Device

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 For HANS devices, measure around your neck with a soft, flexible tape measure. 

For Hybrid devices; 
1.) Measure around chest below pectoral muscles.
2.) Measure with driving suit. If not available add 1" to measurement.
3.) Take measurement with tape placed against driver without any slack and without pulling the tape tight.
4.) Once measurement has been determined, refer to size chart for device size selection.
Seatbelt Anchor System
Tether System

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The Simpson Hybrid Sport head and neck restraint also known as a frontal head restraint - FHR. The benefit of the Simpson Hybrid is it gives you a lot more freedom of movement within the car and is not reliant on the harnesses locking it in position to protect during a head-on collision. 

The straps around your body hold the FHR device in position, thus allowing you to comfortably wear the Hybrid full time while in the car or out of it. Another added benefit is not having to remove the device every time you remove your helmet. This being a big benefit in an enclosed cockpit during multi-stage events.

The Hybrid Sport is now much lighter, weighing in at 20% less for the large size, including the hardware, manufactured with DuPont carbon polymer construction is sleek, modern and appealing with defined wings for seatbelt containment.

The Simpson Hybrid Sport is supplied ready to fit helmets with HANS posts, and the sliding and multi-tether system enhances side to side range of movement and field of vision. 

This device is available with the optional, patented SAS (Seatbelt Anchor System) for even greater coverage in flips, barrel rolls, and side impacts. When the worst happens, you'll have the same great protection every time.


  • Multi-tether system for increased side to side movement
  • DuPont carbon polymer construction
  • Sleek, modern profile with defined wings for seatbelt containment
  • Multiple Load Paths to Dissipate Head Loads
  • SFI 38.1 Certified

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